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'Mevzu' Ekip Arkadaşlarını Arıyor!

'Mevzu' Ekip Arkadaşlarını Arıyor!

MEVZU - Growth Projects Team Members

We are building this special team to make sure that more people experience the existing value of Mevzu.

At Mevzu, we are expecting GPT to support the leading team in building a deep understanding of the customer journey, continually thinking through and experimenting new/different ways to optimize their experiences.

Growth is in the heart of every startup, so at Mevzu.

Our target is to establish a young, talented team composed of rising stars, who will have the chance to contribute to the future of the product with high-level strategic inputs.


  • Senior year students from reputable universities
  • Comfortable with the big picture as well as small details with a sense of analytical thinking, detail orientation and enthusiasm to learn and act
  • The fine balance between having an analytical point of view and being a people person


  • Be about it: No matter what you do in the team, do it as if you were born only for that task. Be about it. Make it your moment.
  • Be productive AF: It is not just work, work, work and result, result, result for us. Of course we work hard, work smart and get the results we desire; however being productive starts with how you treat your body, mind and soul. We encourage each other to be the best versions of ourselves.
  • We don’t hire people, we join forces: Every team member who joins Mevzu is unique. We are not here to deliver tasks only. We came together to join our forces in order to create dating 2.0.


To build a global dating app, born in Turkey with the name “Mevzu” :)


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