Ücretsiz Eğitim Programı için Bir Sonraki Durak Brüksel!

Ücretsiz Eğitim Programı için Bir Sonraki Durak Brüksel!

AB Gençlik Programı Eğitim ve İş Birliği Planı (TCP) kapsamında, 23-27 Nisan 2014 tarihleri arasında Brüksel’de “ Next Stop: To vote or not to vote?” konulu ücretsiz eğitim programı gerçekleşecektir.

Son başvuru tarihi: 17 Mart 2014

- Travel and visa costs of selected participants will be covered by the sending National Agencies. Please check with your National Agency if any additional participation conditions apply.
- Hosting costs (accommodation, food, programme activities, local transport) will be covered by the organising National Agencies.

As the European elections and national elections in various EU Member States approach, we take this opportunity to organise a seminar to look at the political and electoral participation of the young people through research findings, the share of existing practices and initiatives tackling the electoral participation of young people and the stimulation of cross-sector co-operation.
To explore the causes of the low electoral participation of young people, identify and showcase different measures taken to entice young people into getting interested and involved in elections and enhance further cooperation on the topic.
• To understand the current electoral participation of young people (background, experiences, motivation, obstacles, …) through research findings and good examples of practice;
• To share local, national and European initiatives aiming to encourage young people to participate in elections, especially first-time voters and help them make informed choices;
• To explore the role of social media in supporting young people’s participation in electoral processes;
• To stimulate and reinforce co-operation among participants;
Organising team:
SALTO-YOUTH Participation resource centre
Swedish NA
Danish NA
Hungarian NA
Maltese NA
EU-CoE Youth Partnership

To apply, click here


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