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Joining Nestlé Bursa Karacabey Factory Long Term Trainee Program for 10 months of period, will give you a chance to transform your academical knowledge into a practical experience in a global environment.
If you are a graduate student with 5 full day of availability, you can apply to join to the program. The essentials include successful educational record, socially proactive history, analytical approach with strong interpersonal skills and willingness for having real work experience in a world’s leading Nutrition, Health and Welness Company.

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The program offers you to become a real player of a business or an expertise area in a dynamic working environment, close supervision for your personal and professional development and network. You will be given personal responsibility and have your own tasks and you will take an active part in business or process improvement projects and support the business or an expertise area in daily operation.

Qualifications we are looking for are; being new graduate from Food Engineering or Industrial Engineering Departments from universities and fluency in English is a must.

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