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Part-time Challenge

So, you are 3rd or 4th class at the university, you would like to have a long-term internship experience at a corporate and international company? Are you looking to spend a year that will really challenge you while helping you figure out which department to work in? Then, Part-time Challenge should be top of your list!

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Job Description:

What is Bosch Part-time Challenge?
A 6-11 months program spent in our biggest plant in Turkey (Bosch Bursa), working in a department matching your degree and interests. You will spend at least 2 days of the week at the company and the remaining days at your university.

If things go well we will offer you a full time position at the end of the program.
Why do it?

First of all you will gain real work experience, and improve your professional qualifications. You’ll get paid during your internship; also we will support your accommodation by arranging a dormitory here in Bursa, plus covering your transportation costs if you are studying in another city.

Besides, starting with your orientation day at the beginning, you will attend technical trainings and seminars to improve your soft skills, while networking with other students and colleagues during social activities and events.

And if you get on well, there’ll be a job at the end of it for you. How far and fast you go with that job is up to you.


In which department I can complete a Part-time Challenge?

In our Bursa plant, we have various departments accepting students such as;

Corporate Communication, Controlling, Logistics, Manufacturing, R&D, Special Machinery, Technical Functions, Quality etc.


Who can join?

Placements are open to 3rd and 4th year university students or Master students who can work for at least 2 days during weekdays and studying in Engineering or Business Administration. You should also have at least an upper-intermediate level of English.

City/Country: Bursa
Posting Date: 16.11.2015
The Number of People to be Hired: 25


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